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Environmental Sustainability Research Centre 

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) at Brock University is a transformative and creative transdisciplinary community dedicated to research and education advancing environmental sustainability locally and globally. Brock University is a special place to study sustainability and the environment because our campus is one of only a few Canadian universities to be located within a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. This privileged location atop the Niagara Escarpment provides our institution with a unique mandate to pursue sustainability in everything we do.  

The Centre is located in Theal House, a building that was originally a farm cottage in the 1800s and that has been renovated with sustainable furniture, lighting, heating, and flooring to name a few. It is the home of the University’s rapidly growing Minor and Masters of Sustainability programs, which were introduced in 2017 and 2014 respectively. The individuals and organizations who make up the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre are from around the world with unique and diverse research interests, which contributes to transdisciplinary problem solving of local and global sustainability-related issues.  

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre aims to be at the cutting edge of research by matching academic researchers and community groups through innovative partnerships. Students in the master's program have the unique opportunity to be a part of these partnerships through enriching research assistantship positions. The ESRC has focused on innovative community partnerships such as the Brock-Lincoln Living Lab, Niagara Adapts, and the Excellence in Environmental Stewardship Initiative which will all have lasting impacts on the environment and communities that surround Brock University. The Brock University Project Charter initiative bridges the operating and academic constituents concerned with Sustainability at Brock. It provides real benefits to the Brock University community by leveraging the resources, capacities, and talents of both internal units to address environmental sustainability issues and initiatives on campus. 

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Contact: Amanda Smits