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Alternatives Journal (A\J) - Canada's Environmental Voice

The 1960s and 70s were milestone decades for environmental activity; they marked an era when the concept of ecology hit the radar of general public awareness for the first time. They also marked the birth of organizations like Pollution Probe, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, Environment Canada – and our own Alternatives Journal.

It was during this verdant time that Dr. Robert Paehlke (then in his first year of teaching at Trent University) concocted the idea of a journal/magazine hybrid that would transform scholarly research into ideas for tangible community action. In 1971, Paehlke established Alternatives Incorporated, a registered charity, with the sole purpose of publishing Alternatives Journal.

Today Alternatives Journal, or A\J, is Canada’s only national nonprofit environmental media organization (in print and online), independently publishing intelligent & informed environmental journalism that inspires, encourages and supports the broader Canadian environmental education community. Our mandate remains consistent although our world has changed dramatically: to promote an understanding of “environment” in the broadest sense of the word, including social and political dimensions, and stimulate dialogue about environmental issues – as well as to provide critical and informed analysis and provide publishing opportunities for Canadians.


What we do

We support environmental education in Canada

A\J produces an annual guide to Canadian post-secondary environmental education programs. We also have a special sponsored subscription program for students across the country, work with faculty members to develop ways to use A\J in the classroom and provide custom educational services.

We deliver reliable, future-focused environmental journalism

A\J’s editorial mission is to be “Canada’s Environmental Voice” by providing a forum for civilized debate and, when appropriate, to advocate for positive and sustainable solutions. Walking the line between an accessible consumer magazine and an academic journal, our articles are carefully edited by an experienced editorial team and are vigorously fact-checked.

We help build the Canadian environmental movement

A\J participates in and supports a variety of events, projects and campaigns. Our archives also provide a wealth of lessons learned over 42 years of the Canadian environmental movement.