Canadian College and University Environmental Network Réseau Canadien des Collèges et des Universités en Environnement

ECO Canada


Over the past 25 years the Environmental Careers Organization (ECO Canada) has taken great strides towards the development a national human resource strategy that ensures a skilled and prosperous workforce for the environmental profession, raises awareness about its importance and contribution to Canadian society, and assists its stakeholders with personal, professional and corporate growth.   A hallmark of ECO Canada’s success has been its important network of partners developed among environmental employers, professionals, governments and the academic community.  Over this time ECO Canada has had great success in achieving its core objectives to:

  • Implement national occupational standards (NOS) for skills and training,
  • Promote employment opportunities via a highly skilled workforce,
  • Meet industry requirements for qualified new professionals,
  • Provide labour market projections and information on environment sector trends.

ECO Canada strives to continually improve the efficiency of the Canadian environmental labour market with hopes to achieve its vision of creating the world’s leading environmental workforce.