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Environmental Studies


Duration: 3 yrs
Type: Bachelor

Trinity Western University | British Columbia

The Environmental Studies program at Trinity Western University (TWU) is an interdisciplinary program drawing from Biology, Chemistry, and Geography and other fields including TWU liberal arts core. Four specializations are offered within the major: Biochemical (B.Sc.), Natural Systems and Resources (B.Sc.), Physical and Analytical (B.Sc.),and Environmental Management and Planning (B.A.). ENVS minors are also offered including a B.Sc. and a B.A. minor. Opportunities are available for students to be involved in lab, field and GIS research. The TWO campus features an Ecosystem Study Area featuring forest and riparian habitat for field studies and TWU also runs the Crows Nest Ecological Research area on Slat Spring Island which features Garry Oak ecosystems. Regular field courses are run on Salt Spring Island and Hawaii.

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