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Environmental Technologies – GIS Specialization


Duration: 2 yrs
Type: Diploma

Assiniboine Community College | Manitoba

GIS Environmental Technologies will give you experience using modern equipment and software making you a hot commodity in resource based sectors including precision agriculture, forestry, watershed management and municipal GIS. Geographic Information System (GIS) is the basis of Geomatics, the science of gathering, analyzing and interpreting geographic information to create a picture of our physical world. You will use GIS, remote sensing and GPS to collect data detailing variations in land, water, vegetation, moisture and nutrient conditions. Learn to analyze and interpret data to solve land-based management problems, while honing your skills in database applications, interpersonal communications, cartography, and statistical analysis.

Your career can take you almost anywhere given the rapid growth and widespread use of this technology—industry, government and community organizations offer tremendous opportunities in agribusiness, forestry, water and environmental management, land use planning, natural resources and transportation. You can become a GIS or environmental technician, programmer/analyst, database technician, systems operator, land information manager or wildlife GIS analyst.

Offered starting in the 2015-2016 term.

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