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Environmental Technologies – Land and Water Management Specialization


Duration: 2 yrs
Type: Diploma

Assiniboine Community College | Manitoba

The Land & Water Management Specialization prepares you for a progressive career in natural resource management. As climate change and new regulations impact demand on land and water, this field will have an increasingly important role in managing these essential resources.

You’ll often be out in the field to examine the key features of the prairie agro-ecological landscape. You’ll develop skills in monitoring and evaluating the quality of rural land and water resources, and in planning and managing activities for sustainable use.

Your career can take you to rural and urban settings—grads are in demand for exciting and challenging roles in industry, conservation districts, agricultural organizations and all levels of government across the prairies and elsewhere. A willingness to relocate will increase your employability options. Consider a career as a water manager, habitat specialist or environmental technician. There are also positions in research, management, consulting, and administration of sustainable land use practices

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